Monday, June 24, 2013

A little bit of Random...

Nicole's Favorites...

  • Loves going on walks and loves playing volleyball
  • Really loves flower gardens and is hopeful to plant one this year :)
  • Favorite TV shows are Chicago Fire and So You Think You Can Dance
  • In her spare time (which is rare now that she is a full-time mom), she loves reading a good book, baking, and has just started getting all the millions of photos we have taken into albums
  • Loves going to the movies and getting there on time to see the previews.
  • Really likes doing things out of the ordinary

Mic's Favorites...

  • Sports!  Watching or playing.  Runs a few times each week and loves to waterski, snow ski and golf.  He also loves to play basketball.
  • Loves all things chocolate...brownie sundaes, chocolate shakes, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
  • Favorite TV shows are The Big Bang Theory and Friends.  He also loves the movie Dumb & Dumber.
  • Loves to travel and go on vacation...we are already starting to talk about planning our next family vacation :)
  • Loves 80's music the most (but only the good stuff :)

 L's Favorites...

  • Cars, monster trucks, contruction vehicles and anything that goes.  Mostly Cars (the Disney movie) characters.  It is a super rare occurrence when playing with cars is not the main event of the day :)
  • Listening to stories...whether they are ones that we make up and tell him, or whether they are in books.  he adores the library as well
  • Jumping on trampolines
  • Ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles. (he always asks for "cold" ice cream ;)
  • He LOVES water.  The lake, the pool, sprinklers, or the bathtub.  This boy is a water-baby :)
  • Playing with his cousins and friends.  He is always asking to play with a friend or cousin.
  • Balls...throwing them, rolling them, bouncing them.  Loves them!
  • Outside anything.  L loves being outside, especially when he doesn't have to hold our hand :)  He especially loves the animals he sees out there.  He also loves watching cars.
  • Horses, cowboys, bugs and Lightening McQueen.  He LOVES them!  It is quite cute how enamored he is with them :) 

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