Sunday, September 22, 2013

Including you...

There can never be too much love! We want to know how you want to be included. Honestly, we'd love for this to be beneficial for all of us!--most especially for your little one. We want to know you and find out what is important to you in this open you would like it to be. You are his or her mother, and we love and respect you! We are excited to include you in their life with photos, letters, emails, and in-person visits (if those are what you'd like).

While we wish we still had contact with L's birth mother, (we don't – she moved and didn't leave any forwarding information), we still talk to L often about her: how much we love her & how much she loves him. This past year L has started to talk about his birthmother.  Our most recent conversation happened the other day while I was helping him wash his hands.

Me: Did you know that momma and daddy love you very much!
L: And J* (his birthmother) too!  She is my birthmother.  She loves me a lot!
Me: She sure does.  We all love you!

While he is only three, it is quite sweet to see him start to understand the choice she made and the magnitude of her love.

If you choose us as parents to your little one—whether you want an open adoption or you choose a less open adoption—please know that you will not be a mystery to him or her.  We will help them to know you and they will never doubt your love.

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