Thursday, July 2, 2015


While we don't know exactly what you are going through and won't pretend to, we want you to know that we understand experiencing hard things and know that great growth can happen through these moments. We recognize that you have many difficult decisions as you are trying to choose what you feel is best for your baby.  Please know that even though we haven't met, you have been in our thoughts and in our prayers now for over a year now.  Truly.  We want the best for both of you.

Our names are Mic and Nicole (or as our little one, L, calls us, "Momma" & "Daddy" :), and we are pleased that you are taking the time to learn about our family.  Our first experience with adoption was when our sweet L was born.  What a joy these past three years have been!  Adoption has changed our lives in so many wonderful ways, and we are so happy to add more joy to our family once again.

We are hoping that in this limited space that you will start to get an idea of who we are, and more importantly, that you will be able to see how you and your little one could fit in just perfectly!

Family is so important to us! We have enjoyed, so much, being parents and watching L grow and discover the world around him.  We feel assuredly that he is supposed to have a little brother or sister, and that we are to parent another little miracle.  We know that God has a plan for each of us and feel that adoption is His plan for us once again.  We are so looking forward to share our love with our next little one.  They will have more love in their life than they, or we, could ever express with words.

We have confidence that you will make the best decisions for you and your baby.  We know that this is foremost on your mind because of the immeasurable love you have for your little one.  We want you to know of our belief in our Father in heaven.  We pray that God's love will be a comfort to you while you ponder the decisions you are making for yourself and for this child you love so dearly.

Mic & Nicole

p.s.  You can email us if you'd like :)  We'd be happy to any questions you might have.  Our contact info is on the right hand side. There are also a few links over there (under the "More about us" header) that will take you to more pages we've written specifically for you--as well as more photos of our family :)

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